A fair CAP

a left manifesto for sustainable agriculture and forestry

Sustainable production & consumption model

Due to successive neoliberal reforms, an agro-industrial model driven by social andenvironmental dumping, where only financial interests prevail, now dominates theCAP. The food (horsemeat) and health scandals (glyphosate, animal abuse) of recent years bear witness to these excesses. Over the past 10 years, a quarter of European farms have disappeared, the equivalent of one farm every three minutes. The end of quotas, the opening to the world market has only reinforced a system dominated by agribusinesses upstream and major distributors downstream, creating agricultural aristocracies. This also has negative consequences in terms of public health, for agricultural workers but also for consumers, with the proliferation of food-related diseases (obesity, diabetes, etc.).

This is why the GUE/NGL is committed to a CAP freed from this productivity-based policy, which is harmful for both people and the environment. On the other hand, we want a family and local agriculture model allowing for quality production, reinvestment in the countryside and an ecological transition, aiming at food sovereignty for the people and fair remuneration for farmers.