Genova 2021

12 lug 2021 06:00 PM on line

The reasons for the alterglobal movement and the experience of the Genoa Social Forum. How we got to Genoa: Seattle, Porto Alegre…

Exactly 20 years ago, Carlo Giuliani was shot dead by a policeman during the demonstrations against the G8 summit. Thousands of people were injured. They were demonstrating against neoliberal globalization, against the free trade policy of the WTO in the interest of global capital, against the deregulation of the financial markets, which called millions of livelihoods into question, especially in the global South. It is still linked to the lowering of social, ecological and consumption standards and of workers’ rights and incomes. The G8 or G20 protests have a 20-year tradition to this day. However, beyond that, new forms of organising became possible. Inspired by the World Social Forums in Latin America, European Social Forums also developed in Europe as spaces for alternative thinking and practices. Ten years after the failure of state socialism, they developed a dynamic of resistance that also changed the political field and led to new forms of cooperation for the left parties in Europe, to the formation of the European Left Party.

What was the significance of the Social Forums? What was their innovative force and what was their political significance? What consequences did it have for the left parties? What were their limits? What is their contribution for our future?

We want to discuss these questions with


Fabio Amato, Former Joung Communist referent

Fausto Bertinotti, Former Segretario Rifondazione and former President of the Party of European Left

Raffaella Bollini, Former Spokeperson of Genoa Social Forum

Janis Bournus, former Joung Synapsimos Org, now Syriza referent

Marga Ferré, Co-president, transform! Europe – Commitment

Gabriele Zimmer, DIE LINKE – Commitment

Roberto Morea, Transform Italy/Cornelia Hildebrandt, Co-president transform! Europe – Commitment


Argomento: Genova 2021

12 lug 2021 06:00 PM Roma

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