le “raccomandazioni” UE

this is a nice document to see what “reforms” are waiting for the different countries of the EU in regard to the European Semester.
“Country-Specific Recommendations for 2017 and 2018”
in this document you find wonderful sentences in regard to France (inter alia) like:
“Limited progress has been made in ensuring the sustainability of France’s public finances. According to the 2017 Commission autumn forecast, the headline deficit is projected to reach 2.9% of GDP in 2018 and the structural balance is projected to deteriorate by 0.4% of GDP. The worsening of the structural balance increases sustainability gap. The fiscal impulse on the other hand may have a positive impact on economic performance.”
The last sentence is prove that somewhere in the COM you have one last Post-Keynesian economist, hidden, somewhere. Rest is mainstream economics.
“Some progress has been made in consolidating and maximising the efficiency of measures reducing the cost of labour.”
“Some progress has been made in further reducing the regulatory burden for firms.”
“No progress has been made in further lifting barriers to competition in the services sector. Since the Macron law (presented in October 2014, adopted in January 2015) there has been no change (increase or decrease) in the barriers to competition in the business services and regulated professions sectors.” 
Why these are relevant you can read in an analysis of CEO:
“How the EU pushed France to reforms of labour law”
The above mentioned examples are only part of the broader “reform” agenda – waiting for each country.
If you want to know what the COM is planning in regard to your country, or what your government has asked the Commission to propose to its own people – have a look at this document.