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State of power

pubblichiamo uno studio sullo stato del potere economico e finanziario, prodotto dal TNI. Una associazione che da decenni si occupa della sfacciata invadenza delle multinazionali in Europa e nel mondo.
Ten years ago, the financial sector brought the world to the edge of a precipice. The shock waves continue to shake us today as austerity and corporate impunity have fuelled anger that the reactionary right have most successfully captured. But the banks that caused it all have not only survived, they have emerged even stronger. Popular outrage and even populist politicians have proved no match for financial power.
Today 9 out of 13 of the world’s most powerful financial institutions are considered Too Big To Fail. Why is the banking sector so powerful? How do they exercise this power? What are their weaknesses? How can social movements more successfully expose and hold finance to account? What alternatives do we have to private finance?
To answer these questions in TNI’s eighth edition of its State of Power report, we worked with researchers to develop powerful infographics, commissioned high profile activist-scholars and opened a call to our community for analysis. We then worked with a talented Indian illustrator Orijit Sen and graphic designer Evan Clayburg to visualise them. We are very proud of the results. If you like them too, please share them via email or social media with your networks.


State of power 2019