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di Angelina Giannopoulou*

Comrades and friends, in Greece we have a serious and dangerous situation goin’ on apart from the Greek-Turkish conflict on the migrants’ and refugees’ movement towards Europe. Coronavirus and the dangerous superpower of the Greek Orthodox Church with the blessing of the Greek government. Firstly, in the Greek Orthodox Church, the “communion” works like that: People are given both the wine and the bread by the priest and everybody shares the same spoon (30-50 people on an average day).
Since the very beginning of the coronavirus spreading in Greece, the Church and its naive flock were concinced that massive gatherings in the Churches are not dangerous for the public heath and -the most serious- that Corovirus cannot be spead through the communion!
Now, we are at the point where:

1.TV broadcasts present priests as “experts” on the coronavirus spreading.

2.A prominent Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Athens, Eleni Giamarellou, declared on the national radio that the faithful can have the Holy Communion during Easter without fearing the coronavirus! Not only her, but many doctors and “experts” supported on the media, the option that one cannot get infected through the Holy Communion and the spoon.

3.Right wing internet trols, conspiracy-theories’ admirers and religious freaks are spreading their dangerous propaganda all over the social media that you cannot get infected when receiving the “communion”.

4.A Greek MP of New Democracy (the party in government!!!) states “I did commune and I will continue doing so. The Holy Commune is flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and when there is faith, the Holy Commune does cure”!

5.The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece released today an official announcement, in which -among others- the following are stated: “We will operate and commune as normal” […] “For members of the Church, attending Divine Thanksgiving and communion with the Common Glass of Life cannot, of course, be a cause of transmitting diseases , because believers of all ages know that attending Divine Communion, even in the midst of a pandemic, on the one hand it is a tangible affirmation of self-surrender to the Living God, and on the other a tranquil manifestation of love, which pervades all human and perhaps justified fear: “fear does not exist in love, but perfect love drives away fear” (I John 4, 18).”

There is no media coverage at all in the European and International media and press upon that!

No reaction from any European medical authority, Health Organization, doctors’ association whatsover… Please, do share this information! European people, media, journalists and reporters, political parties, citizen’s organisations etc need to know and intervene! It’s a matter of public health and reason! We shall not live in the Dark Ages.

*transform! europe

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